7″ Wall Box for Tablets, MWB-7-MCT




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Specifications / Description

7″ Wall Box for Tablets

Specifically designed to fit our products seamlessly, our in-wall tablet enclosure is the perfect synthesis of form & function.

Installation is simple, with an easy one-cut, drop-in process; the mounting flanges rotate easily into position against the drywall. The in-wall box is spacious enough to hide additional electronics behind the mounted tablet. Engineered with high-quality metals.

Our in-wall tablet enclosure can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation to suit the needs of the application. 

This enclosure is specifically designed to be fully compatible with our line of 7-inch Mimo monitors and tablets.

Technical specifications

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Screen size



228 mm x 160.2 mm x 76.25 mm

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7″ Wall Box for Tablets, MWB-7-MCT

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7″ Wall Box for Tablets, MWB-7-MCT

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