Shop Online User Guide

How to Get Started

Create an account

If you don’t have an account, you can register for free to get one with a few simple steps. To register a new account, go to the homepage, at the top right enter into “create an account”, enter the required fields, those with red asterisk are required. Before confirming remember to read and give your consent to the processing of data.

Once registered you will receive an e-mail to the address you provided, you just have to follow the link to confirm your registration on

Once logged in, you will be able to access the other services, including the ability to relate to orders previously made, print invoices and change your information account.

How to browse the products

In the menu’s products you can select the product of interest, for example if I’m looking for a 47″ display , go unde “display,” Large display ” and the list will sort that interests me.

View a data sheet

once in the product of interest can be displayed in the menu under the photo, the product description or specifications. Entering the “related products”, you can view similar products or combined with code that we have selected, while in the download area, you can download data sheets or brochures, if available.

Availability and price of a code

as you enter the product code on the right side of the photo you can see, in addition to the price of the product code with promotions and product availability.

Make an order

once you have selected the product you want to buy just click “buy” on the right side of the picture of the product before we enter the desired quantity, the system provides a default piece.

When we have completed our purchases, we can go to the checkout, or click on the cart at the top right of the screen and select “Go to Checkout”.

In the next step you will be asked to enter the delivery address, select the correct address and click “Continue”. In step later, you will be asked to select a shipping between delivery by courier or collection from our office.Shipping charges are calculated based on the weight and volume of purchase, this calculation is not valid for deliveries outside Italy. Before the final order confirmation the system will ask you to select the method of payment default is set to the one agreed with your sales Account.

By clicking on “confirm” your order is sent, you will receive via email a confirmation of the order and in the case of payment by bank transfer the data to make the payment.

You will then receive an email confirming the shipment of goods.

How to browse in your account

bottom of the screen by clicking on “Account” to access a number of useful tools for viewing the orders.

In the first part called “My Account” you can edit the information about your account such as demographic information, addresses, etc., you can also change your password.

The second part of the “My Orders” you can consult orders, download orders, enter and view requests for RMA for product returns.

Returning a product.

To place a request (RMA) go click “account”, open the “my orders” and “add a request for refund (RMA)”, fill out the form making sure to fill in all the required fields and click continue, then you will be contacted by the staff of AVstore to define the details of the return.