Adapt-IQ 21.5″ Digital Signage Tablet, RK-3288 Processor, Android 8.1, MCT-215HPQ




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Specifications / Description

Adapt-IQ 21.5″ Digital Signage Tablet, RK-3288 Processor, Android 8.1

The Adapt-IQV by Mimo is not a consumer tablet, but a tablet thoughtfully designed for commercial use where running 24/7 is crucial. With hardware designed for commercial and retail use, added features such as robust case, tempered glass, design and testing for 24/7 use, VESA mounting, SD card protection system, stereo audio output, our tablet is the best Android solution for the demanding commercial and retail environment.

The Adapt-IQV utilizes the security of wired with optional power over Ethernet OR the convenience of wireless Ethernet connections. Designed for fixed applications where a rugged mountable Android tablet is desired and where battery power is not required.

The Mimo Adapt-IQV tablet is designed to enhance the customer experience and provide the most cost effective solutions for retail POS/POP, commercial, industrial, and hospitality markets. Perfect for end-cap displays, kiosks, or as a customer-facing display in retail POS/POP environments.

The Adapt-IQV by Mimo plays 4k videos smoothly, and is compatible with 480P, 720P, and 1080p videos in all kinds of formats: TS, H.264, WMV, MPEG4, etc. The tablet supports Adobe Flash 11.0 and HTML5 animation technology, and can easily access dynamic webpage, and on-line videos or games.

Technical specifications

Additional information


Screen size


Tecnologia pannello

Touch Panel

Aspect ratio



300 nit

Risoluzione nativa

1920 x 1080 (FHD)

Contrast ratio


Dimensioni (WxHxD)

536.6 x 330.2 x 44.5 mm

Operation temperature

da 0°C a 50°C

Operation humidity

10% – 90% non-condensing

Storage temperature

‐15 ‐‐ 65 degrees C

Power consumption

1KHz audio playback: ~18W max. – Off: 0W




3 years


100 x 100


Mimo Monitors

Touch interface


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Adapt-IQ 21.5″ Digital Signage Tablet, RK-3288 Processor, Android 8.1, MCT-215HPQ

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Adapt-IQ 21.5″ Digital Signage Tablet, RK-3288 Processor, Android 8.1, MCT-215HPQ

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