AVHub Meeting Audio & Video Processor




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Specifications / Description

Meeting Audio & Video Processor
• 1x AVHub Meeting AV Processor
• 1x 7.5m CAT5E cable
• 1x 2.5m USB cable
• 1x Power Adapter
• Including 2-year hardware warranty
Key Features 

• Multi-camera Layout
• Easy Deployment
• Audio & Video Processing Capability
• Support up to 9 x UVC84/UVC86* (UVC86 support in Mar. 2022)
• Support up to 8 x VCM34/VCM38 array microphones
• Support up to 4 x MSpeaker II
• Broadly compatible with third-party DSP
Yealink AVHub is a meeting audio and video processor used in large/extra-large conference rooms/conference fields. AVHub supports
multi-camera, multi-microphone, and multi-speaker, and combined with audio and video processing capability, AVHub can release PC
performance. In addition, cameras, microphones, speakers can be directly connected to the AVHub through the network cable PoE,
reducing wiring and managing video and audio equipment uniformly. Users can adjust the camera layout with the Yealink plug-in before
or even in MTR meetings when using the AVHub

Technical specifications

Additional information


Features video

• 2 porte USB-A • 1 porta USB-B • 1 porta codec • 7 porte VCH (RJ-45) • 1 porta ingresso/uscita RCA • 1 linea da 6,3 mm in porto • 1 porta di uscita linea da 6,3 mm • 1 porta di alime

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AVHub Meeting Audio & Video Processor

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AVHub Meeting Audio & Video Processor

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