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DisplayNote Launcher

Simplify your meeting rooms.
Meeting room set-up can be daunting. Our software provides secure, easy access to apps, video calls and calendars for meeting rooms. We take the pain from the IT manager and the meeting room user.
Locked down, safe and secure.
Launcher keeps what you do on a meeting room screen, private and secure. All settings are PIN protected, and one tap clears your footprint, closing apps and clearing any browsing history.
Keep your set-up safe from the curious by enabling kiosk mode and limiting access to the Windows desktop
Works with the tools you already use.
Launcher’s focus is straightforward. Make it easy for meeting room users to find and launch the apps they need.
That’s why Launcher works with the world’s most popular collaboration and productivity tools.
The same great experience in every room.
Launcher’s organized and intuitive interface lets you standardize the tools you use across all of your rooms so that your users can easily find and launch the apps they need.
One-touch video calls.
Launcher’s room calendar picks up scheduled calls and meetings, saving precious time. Tap a button to start or join your calls.
Launcher integrates with MS Exchange and Google to support Zoom, Teams, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Lifesize and Webex.
Hassle-free sign-in to Microsoft 365 apps.
Launcher’s mobile app detects your meeting room displays automatically. This makes it simple for users to wirelessly sign-in and out of their Microsoft accounts. Start personal video calls and access their OneDrive content in seconds.
Launch a call on the display from your own device.
With Launcher, the only thing you need to start a video call on the room screen is your phone.
Wirelessly connect your phone to the screen, launch the call and that’s it. No need to touch the room screen, tap on a tabletop console or even leave your seat.
Room reset
Clear the device of any cached data and browsing history, close applications and reset the room for the next meeting.
One-touch to join
Set up the Launcher room calendar with the most popular video conferencing tools for a one-touch experience.
Mobile app
Sign in with Microsoft wirelessly onto the room display, for instant access to meetings from the comfort of your chair.
PIN-protected settings
Keep your Launcher settings protected behind a PIN, ensuring that your meeting room configurations remain consistent.
Exchange integration
Connect Launcher with MS Exchange to view the room calendar, letting you join or launch scheduled meetings in seconds.
Export & import settings
Configure Launcher and apply the same set up to other meeting room displays for a speedy deployment process.
DisplayNote Montage
Wireless presentation that’s simple, smart and secure.
Wirelessly share content from any device to your meeting room display.

Easily share your screen from any device.
DisplayNote Montage is simple to use. With one click you’re wirelessly presenting. It works with all modern laptops, tablets, phones and support for your browser.

Multiple presenters. Minimum fuss.
With DisplayNote Montage, any attendee can share their screen without the need to pass cables, swap dongles or remove anyone else from the session.
With a dedicated app for guests and extended browser support, your guests can also connect and present as easily as you do.
Everyone can present, no matter what network they’re on.
DisplayNote Montage supports dual network connectivity and enables collaboration among users on primary and guest networks.
It works securely with any network configuration, including corporate Wi-Fi, guest Wi-Fi, mobile data, a hotspot or any combination.

Share more than just your screen.
DisplayNote Montage comes with content sharing tools that makes meeting room collaboration even easier.
During a session, attendees can share video, links and files with each other without ever having to leave the app.
Secure. Private. Compliant.
We take your security very seriously. Every Montage meeting is protected by a unique ID, 4-digit PIN and is encrypted end to end.

Presenter mode
With one click, any meeting attendee can become the presenter.
Dual network
Attendees can wirelessly present from your primary or guest networks.

Share files
Send files, documents and links to anyone connected to your meeting.

Media player
Upload media files like MP4 and URLs and view them on the main screen with no latency.
Two-way collaboration
Built-in whiteboard allows attendees to sketch ideas and annotate over the main screen.
Screen capture
Capture what’s on the main screen and share it with all attendees instantly.


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DisplayNote Launcher-Montage

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DisplayNote Launcher-Montage

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