TECH4-2DT SiliconDust Multicast-Live TV streaming 2 tuners DVB-T/DVB-T2




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Specifications / Description

TECH4-2DT (2 tuners)


Suited to a range of demanding commercial applications.


  • Metal enclosure with wall mount keys
  • High tuner denisty (8/1RU)
  • Multicast streaming
  • Constellation plot display
  • Compatible with TS Reader for stream analysis
  • dBmV signal level display
  • dB signal quality (MER) display
  • Configurable TTL
  • Static Channel/target/IP configuration
  • Scriptable from Windows, OSX, Linux, *BSD, Solaris
  • Multiple transport streams- (one transport stream per tuner)
  • Hardware PID filtering
Multicast Digital RTP Streaming
  • Cross platform support
  • Static Channel mapping
  • Broadcast Signal Diagnostics and Monitoring
Embedded Applications CPU
  • Dedicated user application CPU
  • Dual Core ARM A9 800MHz CPU
  • 1GB RAM / 1GB Flash
  • Dual Ethernet
  • USB
  • Software Development Kit
  • HDHomeRun QuickTV client for Windows:
  • Light-weight install
  • Configurable multicast channel list
  • Windows Media Player plugin for Windows:
  • URL or favorites based multicast selection
  • VideoLAN VLC for Windows/Mac/Linux:
  • URL or favorites based multicast selection
Site-wide multicast streaming
Allow unlimited simultaneous computers to access digital TV by streaming multicast UDP or RTP digital video from antenna or unencrypted cable. Windows viewing using Windows Media Player or HDHomeRun QuickTV, multi- platform viewing using VLC.
Digital broadcast diagnostics troubleshooting
The SiliconDust TECH provides RF diagnostics including signal strength, SNR, and constellation plots. For stream diagnostics use the SiliconDust TECH with TSReader for breakdown of bitrates, programs, and tables.
Head-end monitoring
The SiliconDust TECH can be command-line scripted for use with always-on monitoring applications. Command line utility compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris.
Customized commercial applications
The SiliconDust TECH can be controlled by C library code for a wide range of customized applications.


Technical specifications

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TECH4-2DT SiliconDust Multicast-Live TV streaming 2 tuners DVB-T/DVB-T2

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TECH4-2DT SiliconDust Multicast-Live TV streaming 2 tuners DVB-T/DVB-T2

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