Hisense Indoor LED Display HIK Series




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Specifications / Description

Hisense Indoor LED Display HIK Series  



  • CNC high precision
  • Fanless
  • Less installation Space
  • 16 bit gray scale
  • 7000:1 high contrast ratio
  • 68.7 billion colors
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9, 8:9, 4:9
  • High IP level
  • 160  high viewing angle
  • 4 times anti-push ability
  • Nanotechnology
  • Ultra-high contrast ratio


Size Available: P1.25 – P1.5 – P1.875 – P2.0 – P2.5 – P3.0 – P3.75


HIK series LED solutions deliver unrivalled versatility due to the variety of cabinet configurations available. Integrators specifying the HIK range have access to the broadest range of pixel pitch and aspect ratios options. Perfect for any internal space, these innovative Hisense LED modules include cable-less internal construction and full frontal access for ease of maintenance.


High refresh rate 

With uniform color scale and brightness, dynamic performance of LED display could restore the true scenes without any ripples.


Brightness nits

With an average 500 nits and 1,000 nits maximum brightness, the display panels can deliver amazingly vivid imagery anywhere during daytime and nighttime conditions.


Low brightness & High gray level 

LED display could reveal more details, including layers and colors, than traditional displays do.


160° High viewing angle 

The extra wide 160° viewing angle is a perfect fit for large groups of people that will view the displays from diverse angles while passing by.


High color calibration 

LED display correction technology could uniformly lighten several hundred thousand LED lights, presenting a uniform display effect with the same brightness and color scale.


AOB Admixture on board

AOB Transparent glass on surface enhances the mixed light property with scratch resistance, waterproof & easy to clean

Technical specifications

Additional information



500 nits (0-1000 regolabile)

Viewing angle (HxV)


Operation temperature

-10˚ to 40˚

Refresh rate

3840 Hz



Panel weight

≤7kg (480 x 540) / ≤4kg (480 x 270) / ≤4kg (240 x 540)

Module dimension

Cabinet Dimension (W/H): 480 x 540 / 480 x 270 / 240 x 540mm Module Size (W/H): 240 x 270 mm Spessore: 53.7mm


P1.25 – P1.5 – P1.875 – P2.0 – P2.5 – P3.0 – P3.75

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Hisense Indoor LED Display HIK Series

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Hisense Indoor LED Display HIK Series

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