LG 55EF5K-P Flexible Curved Open Frame 55″ FHD 400nit




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Specifications / Description

LG 55EF5K-P Flexible Curved Open Frame 55″ FHD 400nit


Key Features


  • Brightness: 150/400nit (APL 100%/25%)
  • Depth: 12.4 mm (Head Only)
  • Curvature: ~1,000R(Concave/Convex)
  • Interface: HDMI, DP, USB(2), Audio, RS232C, RJ45, IR


Available Size: 55″

Artistic Space beyond Display
Blending in with the space while captivating everyone’s mind. LG OLED signage offers flexible design. Beyond its informative features, LG OLED signage delivers unsurpassed advertising effectiveness, redesigning space as a prestige-enhancing landmark with perfect colors and innovative forms.
Expandable Screen Size
The screen size can be as large as users want by tiling up displays horizontally and vertically. This provides viewers with an incredibly immersive viewing experience.
Splendid Design
LG OLED technology doesn’t require a backlight unit nor a liquid crystal layer so it offers a flexible design with unbelievably lightweight and slim features.
Absolute Black
Equipped with over 8 million self-lighting pixels operating individually, LG OLED Signage reproduces absolute blacks with no light bleed and offers infinite contrast.
Rich Color
LG OLED Signage provides richness in all colors, bringing colors to life with great accuracy and vividness.
Variety of Curvature for Landmarks
The EF5K series supports various concave and convex curvature in both portrait and landscape orientations. You can differentiate your space in a variety of ways with beautifully curved displays to keep passengers captivated and immersed.
On-site Customization
The EF5K series enables a completely new approach for innovative and flexible designs. Its optional “Curvature Calibrator(CC)” supports the coordination of displays with various convex and concave curvature, depending on the requirements. This makes it possible to rapidly respond to changes on-site, making it easier to successfully build an eye-catching landmark.

Technical specifications

Additional information


Screen size


Tecnologia pannello



400 nit

Risoluzione nativa

1920 x 1080 (FHD)

Viewing angle (HxV)


Bezel width

0.6 / 6.7 / 6.7 / 0.6 mm (Off Bezel) 5.0 / 13.2 / 7.8 / 5.0 mm (On Bezel)

Dimensioni (WxHxD)

701.4 × 1,219.7 × 38.0 mm (Head, w/ Pemnut) 701.4 × 1,219.7 × 12.4 mm (Head, w/o Pemnut) (Signage Box) 413 × 353 × 57.3 mm



VESA standard mount



Orizzontale / Verticale

Operating hours


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LG 55EF5K-P Flexible Curved Open Frame 55″ FHD 400nit

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LG 55EF5K-P Flexible Curved Open Frame 55″ FHD 400nit

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